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About the artist

Dorit Jordan Dotan, multidisciplinary artist, live and work in the great Chicago area, born in 1961 in Haifa, Israel. Since 1998, she has run an independent art studio, providing photography, graphic design and related services. Most of her clients have been non-profit Israeli-Palestinian organizations which are active in the areas of peace, co-existence, women’s issues and human rights. 

As a long-time documentary photographer, her photographs and designs are available to the Israeli public. Her photographs have been published in Israeli online news outlets and have been used for publications, brochures, and posters of non-governmental organizations all over Israel. She has documented many events in Israel and internationally, in the hope of contributing to social and environmental change. 

Artistic arenas


Dorit Jordan Dotan’s current projects include architectural, reflective and textural photographs, and of individuals as part of the urban space. The photographs focus on natural reflections and create new visual textures.

Graphic Design 

Experience in: Management of production teams for special projects; management of resource coordination, arranging project sponsors, computerized office management and final graphic and publishing responsibility for a wide range of printed material (pamphlets, posters, logos, brochures, year-end reports, newsletters, etc.) in Hebrew, English and Arabic; presentations to prospective clients. Experience with management negotiations for short and long term projects. Experience as overall coordinator for numerous events and conferences. 

Skilled in use of most graphic/photo programs for Mac and PC.

Original images created through photography and illustration. 

Book Design - Blurb

Jordan Dotan Design Studio has designed and published numerous books, both hardcover and soft. 

Exclusive Artist and Photographer at (Getty Images)

Dorit Jordan Dotan is an exclusive contributing artist for iStockphoto and has been an active member of the iStockphoto community since 2004. 

Ketubah Art 

Each ketubah is hand-drawn, with watercolors, pencils, ink, drawings, photographs, computer generated images and hand-applied gilding. The finished piece is then digitally processed in order to ensure the highest quality print. Some designs have traditional Jewish symbols, and some are inspired by imagination. Ms. Jordan Dotan blends ancient symbols with modern techniques and biblical quotes, combining traditional and modern texts with original Ketubah art to create a personal and permanent wedding testament. 


Ms. Jordan Dotan has created a line of repurposed found objects, combining recycling, new design and innovative use of a wide varitey of materials. Chairs, foootstools, tables and other objects have been re-designed and renewed through her artistic and imaginative skills. 


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