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Israeli-German artist, Dorit Jordan Dotan was born in 1961, and lives in Haifa, Israel.   For the past twenty years, she has run her own independent graphic design studio.  Most of her clients have been non-profit Israeli-Palestinian organizations which are active in the areas of peace, co-existence, women’s issues and human rights.  

She has created an impressive body of fine art images and photographs, including architectural, textural and urban genres. 


As a long-time participant in many social change activities, her role as a documentary photographer has brought her photographs and designs to the wider Israeli public.  She has often served voluntarily as in-house photographer for many activist organizations.  Her photographs have been published in Israeli online news and have been used for publications, brochures, and posters of non-governmental organizations all over Israel.

Recent photos were published at Gush Shalom (in Hebrew, the name means "The Peace Bloc" the activist arm of the Israeli peace movement).

Jordan Dotan's photographs have been published in international news outlets in print and on line: Germany Der Speigel, Israel Maariv, HaAretz, Yediot Achronot, Nana10, Ynet, Nrg, TV Chanel 2, Chanel 1, Chanel 10.

During the Gulf War in 1991, she began documenting the events of Israeli-Palestinian activist groups.  Her short docu-drama, “People in Black” was screened at both the Haifa International Film Festival and the Jerusalem Cinemateque..  She has documented water scarcity in the Territories, and continues to photograph events in Israel in the hope of contributing to social change. Jordan Dotan is an Exclusive Photographer with iStockphoto (Getty Images).   



Please visit my Art&Photography site:

Dorit Jordan Dotan's Photography

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